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Nusa Penida One Day Tour by Maruti

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Nusa Penida Island is located in south-east of Bali Island. The large of Nusa Penida is about 20.284 hectares. It is about 12 km in south-east of Bali. The height of Nusa Penida is 300 meters above sea level; and the temperature is about 28 – 32 degree Celsius. Administratively, this island belongs to region of Klungkung Regency, Bali, Indonesia. Nusa Penida Island consists of sixty villages that are separated near the mountain and near the beach. Nusa Penida is coastal lowland and mountain highland area in which the north part of Nusa Penida is coastal lowland area and the south part of Nusa Penida is mountain highland area. It has tropical climate with rainfall 1.069 mm per year. Geographically, Nusa Penida has the following boundaries; Itenerary : Departs from Sanur: 07.30 AM. Returns from Nusa Penida: 04:30 PM. • Departing by boat MARUTI FAST BOAT about 30-40 minutes (depending on the weather) from Sanur beach towards Nusa Penida • You will be picked up by the driver at the MARUTI Nusa Penida pier and drop off you to Diamond Beach. • Enjoy the view of the Thousand Islands from Bukit Molenteng. • Visiting Atuh Beach. • Lunch at a local restaurant. • Then enjoy the view of Teletabies Hill. • After the tour, you will be escorted to the MARUTI Nusa Penida pier. • Return to the MARUTI FAST BOAT boat from Nusa Penida to Sanur Beach.

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